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The last week has been eventful in Dillon House—we sent out notifications to our regular admissions applicants and to our 2+2 applicants.

To all of you who applied—thank you. I hope you got some value out of the process in better understanding yourself and in clarifying the goals you have for the future. We certainly understand it is a lot of work to apply. So thank you. 

Now, we need to start looking ahead to the Class of 2020! Here are the application submission deadlines: 

• Round 1: September 6, 2017

• Round 2: January 3, 2018

• Round 3 / 2+2: TBD (sometime in early April)

The essay question will remain the same:

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?”

We’ll open up the new application in early June. Good luck!

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