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This post is a part of the Student Spotlight series where we highlight a current Anderson student or alum to learn about his/her experiences at Anderson. 


UCLA Anderson Class of 2019


Lane Mergler

UCLA Anderson MBA Class:
Class of 2019

Port Washington, New York

Undergraduate Studies: 
McGill University -
Mechanical Engineering

Pre-MBA Career: 
Schaeffler Group –
Product Design Engineer

Post-MBA Goals:
Sports Marketing

Q. Introduce yourself to your classmates!
A. I was an engineer in the automotive industry for four years, where I was first hired into a rotation program and worked in Michigan, South Carolina, and Germany. After completing my rotations, I worked as a Product Design Engineer in the metro Detroit area. After working there for two years, I realized that it wasn't my passion and I am now looking to pursue my true goals and work in the sports industry. As I completely redefine my career, I am excited to take the first step and pursue my MBA at Anderson.

Q. Why did you decide to attend UCLA Anderson — #whyAnderson?
A. I chose Anderson for plenty of reasons, but the primary one was because of its well-reputed sports business program. The courses that UCLA Anderson offers, such as Sports Marketing and Sports Management, go much more in depth in this field than the courses offered at other business schools. Additionally, Los Angeles is the best city to be in if you want to get involved in the sports industry, and I plan on networking extensively while I'm there. Many sports media companies, sports agencies, and sports merchandise companies are all in Southern California.

On a final note, I spoke with some of the students at Anderson while I was applying and all of the great things they had to say about the school and the Parker Career Management Center made me realize that UCLA Anderson was the right school for me.

Q. What are you most excited about at UCLA Anderson?
A. There is certainly a lot to look forward to, but I think it's the total change of lifestyle that excites me most. Utilizing a lot more of my time to focus on sports marketing as compared to working as an engineer is something that I look forward to. Additionally, after hearing about experiences that current Anderson students had while pursuing their MBAs, I am very excited for the opportunities that I will have to expand my network and learn more about the sports industry. I would also have to say that the change of lifestyle is something else I look forward to, as living in Los Angeles should be a very welcome change from living in Detroit, especially in the winter months!

Q. Why did you decide to pursue an MBA degree?
A. I wanted to pursue an MBA degree in general because I felt that the skills that I currently have as an engineer wouldn't carry over into a marketing position. I am pursuing my MBA because I want to redefine my skill set and find a position in a new field that I would enjoy more.

Q. What are some clubs you're planning on joining at UCLA Anderson?
A. I plan on joining and being very involved in the Sports Business Association and the Marketing Association in regards to the professional clubs, and I will also join the Jewish Business Student Association. As for interest clubs, I plan on joining the Outdoor Adventure Club, Craft Beer Club, and the Fantasy Sports and Analytics Association.

Q. What did you do in the months leading up to starting business school?
A. I quit my job about a month before class started and I decided to take a road trip around the USA, starting in Detroit and ending in Los Angeles. The twenty day trip involved stops in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Moab, the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, San Francisco, and, finally, Los Angeles.



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