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 This blog post is part of our "Application Insider" blog post series that provides insider information, tips, and advice about applying to the UCLA Anderson MBA program.





So you're considering pursuing an MBA degree? If the answer is yes, you've successfully taken the first step towards your path to business school. But this is the first of many questions you'll need to answer to make sure you pick the best MBA program for you and your goals. Here are some of the top questions prospective MBA applicants may have:


Doing your research to answer these questions now will not only help you narrow down which business schools to apply to, but will also help you with the application process by arming you with key information that you can incorporate into your essays, interview, and more.

Here are some of the many ways you can conduct research on MBA programs:



Business schools often offer robust opportunities to meet with members of their communities, including current students, alumni, and admissions representatives, all around the world at MBA fairs, information events, panels, coffee chats, and more. Some events are specific to one school, but fair-formats often let you meet with individuals at dozens of business schools in one afternoon!

–> Action Items: View our calendar of Admissions events to see where you can meet UCLA Anderson representatives. 


Reading about MBA programs on online websites, blogs, social media, and forums can provide key insights directly from the comfort and convenience of your home. Many schools will also publish official MBA program brochures, as well as career employment reports that can give you further insights into academics, programming and career support offerings.We also recommend you stay up-to-date with the business world by reading industry articles, especially ones that relate to your target career goals — this is especially important for career-switchers and those who come from non-traditional backgrounds (art majors and scientists, we're speaking to you!). 

–> Action Items: Read our MBA Program website, check back on this MBA Insider Blog, follow us on Instagram and Twitter (@uclaMBA), and view our brochure and employment report


As the business world continues to incorporate digital forms of communications into daily practice, so are business schools, many of which now have a library of videos that highlight different aspects of their programs, including interviews with students, campus tours, and professor lectures. Many schools also offer the opportunity for live interactions with admissions officers and students via webinars which offer a wonderful opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get immediate replies.

–> Action Items: Join UCLA Anderson for a General Information Session webinar, listen in on an upcoming student-led Liveguide Webinar, and check out our UCLA Anderson YouTube page for great videos, such as our Day In The Life as a UCLA Anderson Student



Nothing beats first-hand experience, so if you have the opportunity to visit MBA school campuses, we recommend you go! Doing so will help give you an opportunity to connect with members of the MBA community face-to-face and get a glimpse of what it would be like to go to school at that program.  

–> Action Items: Visit the UCLA Anderson campus to join our Campus Experience program for the opportunity to go on a campus tour, join a student for a coffee or lunch chat, listen to a General Information Session presentation, and sit in on a class.  UCLA Anderson also has special events throughout the year for prospective students to learn more about our program — save the date for Access Anderson (October 14, 2017) and MBA 101 (May 2018). 


The above list is only a sample of the many different things you can do to research MBA programs.  However, by partaking in just some of the above action-items, you'll successfully equip yourself with key information and insights that may be able to help you decide where to apply and ultimately, which school offer to accept. 


Check back for more "Application Insider" blog posts that will cover information and tips on the many aspects of applying to the UCLA Anderson MBA program!


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