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This blog post is part of our "Application Insider" blog post series that provides insider information, tips, and advice about applying to the UCLA Anderson MBA program.




The resume is an important part of your application. You should think of your resume as a fresh and evolving marketing document that showcases your value and your potential. We are talking about your “value proposition” in MBA speak. Your resume needs to highlight your pre-MBA accomplishments and relevant skills, list your education and extra curricular involvement.  You are trying to demonstrate your accomplishments, career progression, leadership potential, not just list duties or responsibilities.

Here are some recommended Dos and Don’ts to help guide you as you prepare your application:

  • While we require no specific resume format we recommend that your keep your resume clean, relevant and recommended no more than 2 pages in length.
  • To more effectively convey your accomplishments, leadership and progression consider using the S-T-A-R framework:.
    • First, state the SITUATION ? mention the challenge/obstacle you had to overcome.
    • Second, describe the TASK ? describe the purpose
    • Third, address the ACTION you took and the skills it required to solve the issue.
    • Fourth, provide the RESULTS ? summarize the outcome in a quantifiable manner to show your direct impact.
  • If you have received additional responsibilities, have management experience or obtained a promotion, make sure to clearly show this progression and the additional skills acquired.
  • Your extracurricular involvement helps round out your professional experience and often serves as an indicator of how involved you will be as a student or alum. List your most meaningful undergraduate and post-grad involvement in the additional section of your resume (include the name of the organization, your position or role and dates of involvement).
  • Do not just list your official job description for each role. Be strategic in your choices and make sure they show what you have learned and achieved.
  • Try not to use industry-specific jargon. You want your reader — regardless of their background — to understand what you have done.
  • Remember to be concise and choose relevant information.
  • Make sure you are highlighting your successes and transferable skills to show how you can make an impact and contribute to our community.
  • Last but not least, don’t neglect the basics. Proofread and avoid careless typos or grammar mistakes. Attention to detail is key here.

Hopefully these guidelines will help you streamline your thought process as you write your resume and prepare your application!


Check back for more "Application Insider" blog posts that will cover information and tips on the many aspects of applying to the UCLA Anderson MBA program!


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