A new working paper co-authored by Professor Peter Schott links the sharp decrease in U.S. manufacturing employment after 2001 to a substantial shift in U.S. trade policy towards China in late 2000.

MIT development economist and MacArthur grant winner, Esther Duflo, doesn’t see a single silver bullet to ending poverty but points to the power of randomized control trials to drive incremental progress by measuring the effectiveness of solutions for specific problems.

Small price differences can have a substantial effect on how we choose, according to new research co-authored by Professors Nathan Novemsky and Ravi Dhar.

An iPad game to teach kids about plants and animals. A new treatment for traumatic brain injuries. An online peer-to-peer lending platform for refinancing credit card debt. A fantasy cricket game. These are among the 13 projects selected for the first Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Columbia program, launched by the School’s Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center. IE@Columbia is designed to nurture and leverage ideas and technologies from within the University that have the potential to generate [...]

Forté Foundation has invited a distinct group of MBA programmes from North America and Europe that are committed to women in business leadership and will help you through this process.   A representative from the Darden School, as well as more than 20 of the world’s leading business schools will be in attendance to help answer your questions. 2013 Forté Forum: London 21 January 2013, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. Goldman Sachs River Court 120 Fleet Street, [...]

Question: For applicants, do you recommend scheduling class visits independently or in conjunction with an interview (if invited)? Answer: If you are a Round 2 applicant, I would wait to see if you are invited for an interview. We do reserve class visits for interviewing applicants. For the most part, classes are on Mon-Thurs so if you are invited to interview, you can schedule a class visit along with your interview. Question: I was in [...]

With a new term, come new electives.  Each term a normal course load is 4 full classes.  There are mini-courses, which are half of a full credit and last half of the term.  Students can take up to 5 full courses (or any combination summing to the equivalent of 5 full courses) and they can take as few as 3 courses in a term, as long as they meet the requirements to graduate when it’s [...]

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