At the end of 2011, Alan Lock and Andrew Jensen, both MBA 11, trekked 570 miles over 28 days from the Antarctic Shoreline to the South Pole. For Lock, the Polar Vision trek—now captured in a new YouTube documentary—was the culmination of a journey that began when he suddenly lost most of his eyesight to macular degeneration at the age of 23 while serving aboard a British submarine. Forced to leave the Royal Navy, Lock [...]

While teaching a course on financial information analysis, Prof. Panos Patatoukas observed that capital market participants and policy makers are increasingly turning to accounting earnings data from corporate financial reports for hints regarding the prospects of the aggregate stock market. This observation indicated that, at the aggregate level, accounting earnings data could be relevant for gauging the value of the entire stock market. Patatoukas, assistant professor, Haas Accounting Group, became so intrigued that he decided [...]

Saturday morning we were greeted by golden sunshine, warmer temperatures, and no remnants of snow on the ground. Perhaps spring has arrived after all?? That morning was also the Tiny Tuckie Easter party! It was a wonderful shindig with food, sweets, and of course an egg hunt. A great time was had by all. Happy spring, everyone!

The second annual MBA Innovation Summit, hosted by students from Yale SOM, Columbia, and Wharton, will explore the life cycle of an idea.

According to our calendars, spring started on March 20 this year. Of course, up here we had fresh snow on the ground that day. It’s mostly melted by now, and daily high temperatures are creeping up into the 40s and even 50s so spring does seem to be making its way in, slowly. The fresh snow did make everything look really beautiful for a couple days, though. Tuck Building The Green (wearing white)

While many of our fellow Tuckies and TPs spent their spring break on ski trips or traveling to far-flung countries like Japan, Israel, and many other amazing locations around the globe, we instead chose to stick around Hanover. It was so nice to have Zach home and able to relax after the intensity of school and recruiting the past many months. We enjoyed lots of downtime together as a family, but we also took advantage [...]

I’m going to pick right back up from where I left off in my last post on undergrad preparation for the MBA.  That means addressing another oft-asked question we hear from undergraduate students about MBA admissions. This time, it has to do with your work experience and how important it is to score a role at a “top” company in the eyes of the Admissions Committee. The answer? Not as crucial as you might think. [...]

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