On CNBC, Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey Sonnenfeld talks about his new Harvard Business Review article on the CEO-board relationship.

The giggles as we slathered each other in mud from the Dead Sea, the softly spoken prayers and tears at the Western Wall before Shabot dinner, the thunderous applause upon meeting the President and former Prime Minister and of course the off key notes sung in unison at the karaoke bar, these are the things I will remember about this trip. I have just returned from two weeks of traveling in Israel over spring break [...]

First, a big congratulations to all those who were admitted to Tuck’s class of 2015 last Friday in the January round!  We’re excited to welcome you to campus for ASW and then for the real deal in August–you all are closer to Fall A than we are, which is just another reminder of how quickly the business school experience passes! With Spring Break almost at an end, I’ve just returned from Japan where, with 17 [...]

We’re considering doing a TP chat (similar to the admissions-hosted student chats), where partners of prospective students could log on their computers from anywhere in the world during a pre-determined time and chat with current partners about any Tuck-related questions/concerns (apartments, jobs, friends, things to do in Hanover, childcare, whatever!) Would this be of interest??

Liang Meng, who founded a private equity firm after leading D.E. Shaw’s China operations, gives an overview of the fast-developing private equity market in China. He describes how demographic trends inform his investment strategy.

The one-day competition will convene student teams from top U.S. business schools to tackle a Yale SOM “raw” case on a business ethics issue.

Interested in new technology ventures? Along with your Stanford MBA, you now can earn a joint degree in Computer Science from Stanford’s renowned Computer Science department. This exciting program joins the other Stanford MBA joint degree options: JD/MBA, MA Education/MBA, MPP/MBA, and MS Environment & Resources/MBA. Here are some details: Current applicants are eligible for the MS Computer Science/MBA joint degree program. The program will take 3 academic years (8 to 9 quarters) to complete. [...]

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