The business school application process is such a long project that when it was over there was something of a void in my life. Planning to recruit for banking, I took on prepping for that process as the object of my next obsession. Everyone will tell you that recruiting gets started once you set foot on campus but in banking it starts a few months earlier. For any T’15s who plan to recruit for banking [...]

My husband, Zach, has always loved skiing. Many years ago he tried to convince me of how great it is, but unfortunately it’s just not my thing… Now he’s moved on to working on turning our kids into avid skiers. So last Friday morning Zach took our 5 year old, D, to the Dartmouth Skiway (just 20-30 minutes away). They rented skis for him (no poles, though… too little I guess. D was SO disappointed by [...]

The past  couple of weeks at Booth have been an exciting time as student groups put on their annual conferences. Last Friday I joined over 300 engaged participants to attend the 12th Annual Private Equity Conference themed “The New Vanguard: Success & Differentiation in a Challenging Marketplace”.  As I entered the main ballroom in the Fairmont Hotel, it was obvious that this event was no small production by our student-led Private Equity Group in cooperation [...]

The Business Honors Program is one of the most elite programs at UT, and its students have an average SAT score of 1483. Here, an inside look at the BHP student experience.

What will happen when the Federal Reserve lets interest rates rise again? Distinguished Senior Lecturer Sandy Leeds offers insight on how this will affect our already-large federal deficit.

The Texas MBA program has started several new programs in 2013 meant to enrich the educational experience for MBA students. We talked with MBA program director Stacey Rudnick about what’s in store for MBA students

The Darden School of Business hosts a Leadership Speaker Series featuring senior executives from companies around the world. This year, our guest speakers answer the question, “What Does it Take?” and explain how lessons and skills they have learned along the way have successfully prepared them to succeed in their current role. Speakers from this year’s series include top-level executives from Google, Booz & Company, Deloitte, Anheuser-Busch InBev and more. In the video below, Kip [...]

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