Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, recently answered questions from students as part of the School’s David and Lyn Silfen Leadership Series. In front of a packed room, he spoke on an array of topics, ranging from careers and leadership to the state of the financial system. Dimon expressed optimism about the US economy moving forward. There’s more liquidity in the system than a few years ago, he said. “The American financial system [...]

Trust Across America included Ed Freeman, Dean Krehmeyer and Brian Moriarty on their alphabetical list of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior 2013. All three have been included on this list each year since it was initiated in 2011. Those included in this list are known for supporting a business culture that embraces strong and stable financials, conservative accounting, corporate integrity, transparency, sustainability and long-term reputation preservation. Ed Freeman on the Importance [...]

Final b-school application rounds are notoriously the most competitive; the majority of ‘seats’ have been filled and, in many cases, much of the scholarship money has been allocated.  Although the climb may be steeper, reaching the finish line via the final application round is possible.  We spoke with Laura and Sara, current students who each applied in the last round, about their path to Tuck and what they think it takes to be admitted as [...]

(Photo: Admitted Student Reception in Sao Paulo) My Portuguese is laughable.  It’s really bad; actually non-existent.  Immersion is key for learning a new language, and after four days in Brazil, I wish I could have absorbed more. My colleague, Joanne Legler, and I, had the privilege of traveling to Brazil last week, and we could not have left more captivated with the city of Sao Paulo, and by our encounters with the Chicago Booth community. [...]

Professor Robert Shiller writes about the problem of understanding how public confidence affects the economy.

First-year MBA students are around the world beginning the International Experience course. Before leaving, they were briefed on their destinations by experts with unique perspectives.

Vivian Li ’13: “Club speakers have opened my eyes to how much the venture capital model could help entrepreneurs in China.”

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