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Daniel Ciporin, general partner at Canaan Partners, discussed the power of internet-based innovation to disrupt and improve existing consumer markets.

The seventh annual Yale SOM Education Leadership Conference will take place on April 5.

The days of U.S. boycotts of South Africa are long gone. The country is an economic powerhouse in Africa and a key economic partner for the U.S. In four years as U.S. ambassador to South Africa, Donald Gips ’89 worked to increase investment and trade flows between the countries.

In planning the Yale Philanthropy Conference this year, Yale SOM students drew their inspiration from very close to home. In structure and theme, the conference was built around the multidisciplinary approach of the Yale integrated MBA curriculum.

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the University of Virginia Darden School of Business No. 9 for full-tuition scholarships. Approximately 9.4 percent of MBA students receive full-tuition scholarships at Darden, with a total of 60 full-tuition scholarships distributed in 2012-13. All Darden School applicants are automatically considered for full- and partial-tuition scholarships upon submitting their application. For more information on available scholarships at Darden, visit the Scholarships page on our website.

On CNBC, Senior Associate Dean Jeffrey Sonnenfeld talks about his new Harvard Business Review article on the CEO-board relationship.

The giggles as we slathered each other in mud from the Dead Sea, the softly spoken prayers and tears at the Western Wall before Shabot dinner, the thunderous applause upon meeting the President and former Prime Minister and of course the off key notes sung in unison at the karaoke bar, these are the things I will remember about this trip. I have just returned from two weeks of traveling in Israel over spring break [...]

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