Photo caption: Joanne Legler and Meghan Keedy visit Carleton College this winter, and catch up with SBSP alum Danny Geiger while there. As Joanne and I make our way around the country visiting undergraduate schools and talking about MBA preparation and the Chicago Summer Business Scholars Program, one question has resurfaced again and again from students we meet along the way; it usually goes something like this: “Hi Joanne, Hi Meghan.” [Nervous shuffle of the [...]

Life at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business is full of classes, club events, learning team sessions, job searches and social events. With so many opportunities, each student experiences Darden in a unique way. We invite you to learn more about Darden by reading the stories of some of our current students. Here are some of our favorite posts from this year’s Darden Student Bloggers:   On the learning experience: “Bringing It: The Darden [...]

The 2012-2013 Donaldson Fellows participated in a symposium on leadership and a series of small-group discussions at Yale SOM.

The increasing complexity of financial instruments, the growing globalization of markets, and the increasing scale of major financial institutions all collided in the financial crisis of 2008. Has the crisis changed the markets for good? Should we expect major shifts in the long-term returns and volatility of different asset classes? What are the long-term consequences of automated trading, globalization, and other macro-trends?

Question: Could you please describe what you look for in a standout Darden applicant? Answer: We look for strong team and leadership skills, as well as initiative and solid communication skills. Question:  Could you describe the culture at Darden and what you think differentiates it from other MBA programs? Answer: Darden is a small, tight-knit community where everyone engages 110% inside and outside the classroom.  Faculty are very accessible and invested in students’ academic and career success. Question: Can [...]

The business school application process is such a long project that when it was over there was something of a void in my life. Planning to recruit for banking, I took on prepping for that process as the object of my next obsession. Everyone will tell you that recruiting gets started once you set foot on campus but in banking it starts a few months earlier. For any T’15s who plan to recruit for banking [...]

My husband, Zach, has always loved skiing. Many years ago he tried to convince me of how great it is, but unfortunately it’s just not my thing… Now he’s moved on to working on turning our kids into avid skiers. So last Friday morning Zach took our 5 year old, D, to the Dartmouth Skiway (just 20-30 minutes away). They rented skis for him (no poles, though… too little I guess. D was SO disappointed by [...]

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