The Texas MBA program has started several new programs in 2013 meant to enrich the educational experience for MBA students. We talked with MBA program director Stacey Rudnick about what’s in store for MBA students

The Darden School of Business hosts a Leadership Speaker Series featuring senior executives from companies around the world. This year, our guest speakers answer the question, “What Does it Take?” and explain how lessons and skills they have learned along the way have successfully prepared them to succeed in their current role. Speakers from this year’s series include top-level executives from Google, Booz & Company, Deloitte, Anheuser-Busch InBev and more. In the video below, Kip [...]

The increasing complexity of financial instruments, the growing globalization of markets, and the increasing scale of major financial institutions all collided in the financial crisis of 2008. Has the crisis changed the markets for good? Should we expect major shifts in the long-term returns and volatility of different asset classes? What are the long-term consequences of automated trading, globalization, and other macro-trends? Register for the webinar on Wednesday, February 27, at 12:00 noon ET.

Lizabeth C., Associate Director of MBA Admissions, offers some healthy tips on serving up a well-rounded and authentic application. Living in California, I’ve begun to think about food differently. I understand what “California Cuisine” is all about – fresh, local ingredients prepared simply so you can taste the amazing flavors. Food that is actually a pleasure to eat. Not that I don’t love certain processed foods, but I’m more aware of the difference between the [...]

This weekend was jam-packed: Will’s parents and brothers came out to visit from Chicago, and we had so much we wanted to show them in the quick weekend.  They arrived Friday night, we went to dinner in town, and then headed to Campion Rink (about a mile from campus) to watch the A-team kick off the business school hockey tournament going on this weekend.  It was an amazing game/perfect introduction to the Tuck community: the [...]

The Economic Development Club hosted a talk by Josh Wright ’98 and Katy Davis ’12 of the behavioral ideas lab and consulting firm ideas42.

Lessons learned from the integrated curriculum helped make his CNN internship a success, says Sura Tilakawardane ’13.

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