Congrats to all you November round admits! I still remember the day of the admissions call with quite a bit of clarity. While thoughtfully deciding between the coffee selection over the office Keurig machine I convinced myself that even if a call was coming it likely would be later in the day. Therefore I should just spend my morning getting work done (ie googling a long list of things I have always wondered about, really no work [...]

My name is Maren Layton. My husband, Ryan, is a T’13. We live in Sachem Village with our two tiny tuckies, Leah (age 6), and Kate (will be 1 in May). Though we never expected to live in New Hampshire, we have LOVED our time in the Upper Valley and are really sad that it is coming to an end! Ryan has accepted a position to work for John Deere after graduation so we are [...]

The spread of the atom bomb is becoming like a networked multinational corporation, according to Professor Paul Bracken, author of The Second Nuclear Age.

As legislators negotiate comprehensive immigration reform, Professor Mushfiq Mobarak explains, in a commentary in the New York Times, the importance of skilled foreign workers in sustaining the United States’ comparative advantage in science and innovation.

Congratulations to those Round Two applicants who have been invited to interview! This year we have offered much advice on interviewing from the viewpoint of the admissions committee via our Admission Insider blog, as well as in our Admissions Insider newsletter. As you prepare to schedule your interview, we thought we’d share with you the perspective of those who will conduct many of the interviews, our Admissions Fellows. Part of my job in Admissions is [...]

Katie Bencken, MBA ’04, and Jeremy Bencken, MBA ’03, entered the MBA program as spouses and and business owners. Since then, they have gone on to start numerous other businesses and raise a family. 

Michelle Musil, MPA ’03, and Sean Musil, MBA ’04, met in Professor Rao’s finance class. Sean says Michelle pursued him, but he also made sure the two accountants in that class, including Michelle, were on his team. Clever or sneaky? Read their story and decide for yourself.

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